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How We Got Started

My parents started breeding these wonderful dogs back in 1980. Originally we did not plan to operate as a professional Dog Breeder, we just wanted a wonderful pet for ourselves. However, we became hooked and soon we added a second and then a third one to our family.


The picture on the right is of me, Lucas, with our first German Shepherd puppy when I was 4 years old.  Now 43 years later, we continue that legacy of raising quality dogs so that families, police, and military can have that same experience we had.  

After acquiring a lot of information about the breeding process, we decided to do our part in preserving it, which led to the birth of our first litter. Since then, we’ve known so much love, joy and excitement! Over the years we have provided quality dogs to many people.  This is not a hobby.  This is a legacy. 


All of our dogs are AKC registered and have a proven pedigree of quality championship breeding.  Hips and Elbows are OFA certified, and testing is done to ensure the dogs are of great health and temperament. All puppies come with a Health Guarantee.  The pictures on our site are of our personal dogs.  Contact us to find out more.

Lucas as a boy with Heidi_edited.jpg

Lucas, Age 4 with Heidi  (1980)

Our son, Magnus Age 4 with Leia and Londyn  (2022)

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